sleeve packaging

Content: 10 tak Format/Size: 40/50cm

Basic Box

Content: 20 bundle a 40cm
Content: 15 bundle a 50cm


Volume: 27 basis boxes on pallet

Bucket in box

Content bucket: 10 bundle Single Rose
Content bucket: 8 bundle Spray Rose
Volume Euro Pallet: 60 box on Pallet
Volume Single use Pallet: 80 box on Pallet

Box size: 37x29x47

Danish kar/trolley only bucket no box

Volume on CC Trolley: 50 buckets (40cm rose)
Volume on CC Trolley: 40 buckets (50cm rose)


All labels and codes can be provided
by the client Handeling cost per label is 0,04 cent

Custom labels are possible

Shipping Worldwide

Orders below €500,- will be charged for extra transport cost