"With love from Africa to Amsterdam"


Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties is a new brand of dried roses. The story behind these beautiful roses is unique. It tells a story based on fair trade, sustainability and an excellent homogeneous quality. Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties says goodbye to the established values and creates a new platform for a new generation dried roses of excellent and homogeneous quality.

Social, sustainability & best promise

Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties are much more than dried roses. The story behind these beautiful  roses is different. It tells a new story based on fair trade, sustainability and homogeneous quality. Local Flower farmers are the most important succesfactor. We support the people in Africa with personal sustainable policy, fair salaries and fair working conditions. Growers invests in social projects in the region such as water management, schools and health. With the purchase of Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties you create a more beautiful world. These roses are grown and dried under the best conditions as well as for the product as for the people. With love from Africa to Amsterdam is the best promise we keep.

Mission, vision & values

Fabelicious constantly seeks for superiority in terms of the highest quality in products and concepts. We offer a wide range of specialty dried roses, based on the principles of sustainability, traceability, certifcation, biological crop protection, fair trade and corporate social responsibility. But also direct relationships with growers and our customers will form a starting point for Fabelicious. We intend to promote solid criteria on our Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties and promotion practices. Fabelicous is crazy in love with flowers and serious about people.


Dried flowers are the newest trend in which Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties takes the lead. Fabelicious stands for much more than just dried roses and also offers a variety of concepts in which Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties distinguish in unique combinations with lifestyle products. The pure beauty of this Queen of flowers is fantastic. Our design team gives the dried roses creative appearances with or withouth ornamentals  in different price ranges. And whether it’s love, a gift or embellishment of interiors, Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties will never disappoint.


The growers who produce roses on their farms for Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties earn a fair income. They stand for quality and fair income. It is interesting that eployees (Flower Rangers) have family the number of people who benefit from alle associated facelities is many times higher. That’s why we do it for!


More over than 3 million roses have already been purchased for Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties. All roses are traceable roses to Africa, which we purchase directly from the growers in Africa. This method of purchaching is unique. We do not buy any leftover flowers at the auction. Just a single buyer of dried roses knows exactly where the flowers came from, how old they are, who was the producer and where can he buy the cheapest roses. Fabelicious is different and wants the best quality and a future for our Flower farmers and their family.

No waste

Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties does not just have the answer to unnecessary waste of flowers, but is the answer itself. Drying roses is already a sustainable solution. The fact that Fabelicious already has purchased millions of roses for a fair price is fair trade fort he growers in Africa and Holland. Not a single rose will wasted by Fabelicous Everlasting Beauties, money is being made and the dried roses are used for making eco-lifestyle products. It could hardly be more sustainable.

Fabelicious Brand
is a 2dezign brand

Cooperation partners:  Dummen Orange and Interplant BV

Software & online:  Freshportal Software BV

Concept & Development :  Team 2dezign

Photography: John Koopman & Wim Zandbergen

Design:  creative design and styling team 2dezign

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